The Function of Waqf in Health Care


By Iskandar Ibrahim, Dadang Irsyamuddin, Esa Dwiyan, Miftah Firdaus as well as Hidayatul Ihsan from the Waqf Facility for Indonesian Growth as well as Research Studies (WaCIDS)

Health and wellness is a crucial component of lasting growth. There is no civilisation that does not worth healthiness. Additionally, in Maqasid Shari’ah, health and wellness belongs to protecting the spirit or keeping (hifdzun nafs). This reveals that the conservation of health and wellness have to get due focus in an Islamic setting.

Islam stresses preventative medication (Al-tibb al-wiqa’ i) greater than recovery (Al-tibb Al-‘ ilaji). This is sustained by numerous ahadith concerning keeping sanitation as well as physical health. The major job of the clinical system in the prime time of Islam was to preserve instead than bring back health and wellness.

Hereof, we really feel that Waqf can be utilized as an option to medical facility funding based upon maslahah or the Islamic concept of public well-being. This was done by Caliph Harun Ar-Rashid in 688 advertisement with the building and construction of the Bimaristan (Health Center in Persian) in Al-Mansuri in Cairo.

The optimal of the growth of health and wellness centers based upon neighborhood social funds was throughout the Footrest Realm. The Sulaymaniye facility was composed of 2 expert institutions (one of which was for the research study of medication as well as the various other for the research study of ahadith), a Koranic institution for youngsters, a medical facility, a hostel, a public cooking area, a public bathroom, a home, inns, as well as a couple of rows of tiny stores. This clinical institution was additionally the initial official mentor tool in the Footrest age.

When we examine Islamic background, we would certainly recognize that the federal government as well as individuals played a cumulative function in the growth of each component of Waqf. We below evaluate the function of Waqf as a funding tool for the growth of health and wellness centers thinking about instances such as from the Footrest duration which can be duplicated also today offered the needed setting.

Historic criteria

Waqf in Healthcare

Waqf has actually constantly been the major banks in the Footrest age. The big financing as well as innovative advancement of Waqf monitoring took the Footrest Turks to a degree where the fundamental requirements of culture were satisfied. Health and wellness centers were funded by Waqf. Education and learning such as second as well as key institutions were developed from Waqf. The marketplaces as well as the growth of regional manufacturing were all moneyed by Waqf. Public cooking areas that supplied complimentary ready-to-eat food to lower-middle course individuals were additionally developed from Waqf funds. Straight money help which was offered every month to the inadequate as well as pensioners was additionally funded by Waqf.

That’s not all. Roadway centers in the Footrest age were fixed as well as led at the cost of Waqf. The wells as well as water pipes were additionally moneyed by Waqf tasks. Bridges, structures, accommodations, storage space stockrooms, tiny markets as well as various other purchasing as well as offering centers were developed from Waqf funds. Waqf tasks in the Footrest age did well in keeping the nation’s economic situation. Waqf in the Footrest age had the ability to accumulate cost savings funds as well as also did well in boosting state treasury revenue.

Wellness Providers

Waqf in Healthcare

Waqf additionally discussed the world of health and wellness. The defense of life is the 2nd most crucial objective after the defense of religious beliefs if we look at the Maqasid Shariah (Purposes of Shariah). All initiatives to shield human life such as health and wellness centers come to be prioritised. From below, inquiries occur such as exactly how is Waqf taken care of in the health and wellness industry? What tasks are launched to shield human health and wellness? Just how properly as well as successfully were the tasks affecting the neighborhood? These inquiries will certainly be addressed in this study.

Noise Waqf monitoring throughout the Footrest age made that duration an effective Islamic age in satisfying the requirements of the neighborhood. Historically, the medical facility which was the major centre of health and wellness throughout the Footrest age was a heritage of the Seljuk realm. Throughout the power of the Footrest Turks, the medical facility idea was restored originally to deal with soldiers injured by battle.

The medical facility during that time was not simply a health and wellness centre however was much better called a social establishment that aided individuals to acquire therapy. Since all medical facilities as well as their centers were developed utilizing Waqf funds, the medical facility as a social establishment came around. All costs sustained in taking care of medical facilities such as wages for medical facility heads, physicians, doctors, chefs, pharmacologists as well as institution instructors were additionally paid for from Waqf profits.

Waqf Design

Waqf in Healthcare

The Waqf design that was initial applied throughout the Footrest age was a basic Waqf design as exhibited by the Prophet Muhammad, specifically land as well as structure Waqf. This Waqf was practiced by the Sultan during that time by giving away land as well as structures to be utilized by the neighborhood. Relating to the application of Waqf in the Footrest age, in the beginning, the design that was practiced was Waqf for the advantage of the public (Waqf Khairi), after that it turned into a cash money Waqf design, as well as additionally Waqf awaridh.

Khairi Waqf

Khairi Waqf is a Waqf meant for social or spiritual functions (public great). Waqf similar to this are frequently offered by wakif for public functions such as mosques, institutions, medical facilities, bridges and more. The debate for Waqf khairi is based upon the Waqf of the buddy of the prophet Umar container Khattab. The Waqf of Umar container Khattab consisted of a yard whose advantage mosted likely to clingy as well as inadequate individuals. It was one whose outcomes were meant for the general public rate of interest.

Money Waqf

Waqf in Healthcare

Given that the start of the application of money Waqf in the 15th century by the Footrest Realm, it has actually had an extremely considerable influence on culture. Cash money Waqf made the Footrest federal government durable due to the fact that it was based upon a lasting socio-economic system

Cash money Waqf is practiced by providing Waqf in the type of cash to a marked supervisor (Nazir) to be taken care of as well as the advantage offered to individuals in demand. Additionally, money Waqf was additionally practiced to handle money Waqf possessions. Simply put, existing Waqf possessions were taken care of once more utilizing Waqf cash acquired from benefactors. The application of such money Waqf made sure an interest-free lending system.

The money Waqf that had actually been gathered was taken care of by the Nazir under a number of types of plans according to the stipulations of Islamic regulation. The types of agreements utilized in the circulation of money Waqf were qard hasan, mudharabah, as well as murabahah. Qard hasan is an interest-free lending that is offered to the inadequate without taking anything in return. The Nazir supplied finances to inadequate individuals that required organization finances utilizing money Waqf.

One more crucial as well as popular type of money Waqf procedure that was practiced throughout the Footrest Realm remained in the type of mu’ âmele-i emergency room’ iyye. This method was executed by the Footrest federal government to profit as well as produce from money Waqf as well as to stay clear of the method of usury. Mu’ âmele-i syer’ iyye is additionally called mu’amele or murabah-i mer’ iyye. In some literary works it is additionally called “murabaha”.


What all this programs is that Waqf has actually played a significant function in the health and wellness industry throughout different ages of Islamic background, particularly throughout the Ottman duration. The function of Waqf is so crucial that it is still utilized as a lesson for the monitoring of Waqf today.

Among the solutions that can be funded by Waqf in the here and now day is the stipulation of lodging residences for clients that are impoverished as well as much from their residences. Additionally, the monitoring of remains by utilizing Waqf possessions both to get mortuary devices as well as giving funds for individuals that care for the remains is something that requires to be taken into consideration.


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