Evaluating Our Finest Executing Advertisements for Q1


At Enventys Allies, we’re constantly taking a look at the advertisements we run for our customers. We fine-tune duplicate, properties as well as target markets till we locate the magic mix that reverberates with backers. We do not wish to maintain the important things we have actually found out to ourselves. That’s why we’re sharing our finest advertisements from the very first quarter of 2022, with our evaluation of what made it function.

1. Lunadesk

Lunadesk is a laptop computer riser that can be made use of while seated or standing. When developing the item, the makers were motivated by the method of yoga exercise. They desired individuals to be able to stream conveniently from seated to standing settings as well as fit throughout the day.

The Best-Performing Advertisement


  • CPL: $.87
  • CTR: 3.16%
  • CPC: $.29
  • Leads: 120

This advertisement functioned truly well due to the fact that it revealed the item’s special style. The images used job from residence market as well as was relatable. The duplicate was brief yet helpful as well as the picture assisted display precisely just how Lunadesk might be made use of in somebody’s residence.

2. OODA Sphere

OODA Sphere is a free-weight boxing bag. It makes use of the OODA Loophole (Observe, Orient, Choose, Act) to offer useful training. It can be made use of as a punching bag versus a wall surface or freestyle airborne.

The Best-Performing Advertisement:

OODA Ball Ad

  • CTR: 3.95%
  • CPC: $0.72
  • Impressions: 424,566
  • Acquisitions: 85

There are a number of components that make this advertisement a victor. The picture promptly gets hold of focus as well as aids the customer can right away comprehend the item. Possible clients can see as well as picture themselves making use of OODA Sphere, as well as comprehend the advantages.

The message overlay highlights a significant discomfort factor of battle as well as call sporting activities. Traumas as well as injuries are a genuine issue, so a device that replicates live-action without the danger of injury is an essential marketing factor. It was very important to highlight that individuals obtain all the exhilaration as well as advantage of sparring, without the risk of obtaining typed the face.

The emojis made use of are difficult to miss out on. They quit the individual’s all-natural ‘scroll’ actions by taking them on a trip from taking a look at the picture as much as the duplicate, instead of simply scrolling by. This offers us one last possibility to highlight an additional advantage of the item at the end of the duplicate.

3. Place Safari

Place Safari is a hammock-lovers upgrade. It’s a hammock-tent with a level, encouraging base pad that removes the “droopy center” of conventional hammocks. Anybody that delights in relaxing in hammocks, however obtains awkward in them would certainly be attracted to an item such as this. Due to the fact that it is an acquainted kind of item to numerous customers, it was essential to highlight why clients need to back the task as well as update.

The Best-Performing Advertisement:

  • CTR: 2.43%
  • CPC: $0.66
  • Impressions: 747,630
  • Acquisitions: 39

This advertisement was finest carrying out for this project due to the fact that it was eye-catching yet likewise straightforward as well as helpful. It promptly highlights every one of the functions of the item within a brief GIF as well as provides out the crucial functions of Place Safari which aid the GIF attract attention in newsfeeds. The duplicate is brief as well as offers a fast sneak peek of just how as well as where clients can utilize it. On the whole, the advertisement highlighted in a fast means the selection of usages as well as functions of Place Safari.


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