Meeting With Björn Kombächer, Nation Supervisor for Germany


Björn, exactly how did you in fact concern Estateguru?

I familiarized the job with a talent scout company from Hamburg, as well as the work account attracted me straight. I was promptly passionate when I took a more detailed look at the business as well as the setting. I bear in mind the employment procedure specifically really favorably since there were a number of individual meetings, for which I was welcomed both to Berlin as well as to the head office in Tallinn. I discovered this helpful as well as really satisfied since it offered me a thorough impact of what Estateguru is everything about: A global working setting, a spontaneous as well as open group as well as the constantly close collaboration with the head office.

What inevitably persuaded you to sign up with Estateguru as Nation Supervisor for Germany?

Estateguru has actually constantly created its service design over the last 10 years, sought an excellent development training course as well as additionally verified itself on the marketplace throughout the stormy Corona years. Regardless of the currently effective performance history, as Nation Supervisor of Germany, I still have the opportunity to proactively accumulate as well as additionally create a crucial crucial market. I such as the open, communicative as well as, as currently stated, global means of functioning, that fits my nature. It is extremely enhancing to pick up from various societies as well as functioning designs. Germany as well as Estonia, Estateguru has workplaces in Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Armenia as well as– a new enhancement– the UK. For me, the action to Estateguru was as a result properly to be able to function a lot more worldwide as well as to create myself additionally.

In addition to the internationality, what else do you value concerning Estateguru as a company?

Estateguru as well as all staff members have the guts to completely alter themselves. The business regularly assesses itself. With the open as well as totally free means of functioning as well as the lived society of blunders, which is an important component of Estateguru, most of us have the chance to pick up from each various other. We can attempt points out as well as allow each various other take part in discovering options. Keeping that in mind, we additionally occasionally go after techniques that we really did not have in our very own collection prior to. As well as all of this in an interesting, establishing sector.

What attract you directly concerning the service as well as the job design?

I originate from a typical possession supervisor history as well as have actually additionally operated in the financial setting. Estateguru is a FinTech that is really electronically oriented. Being familiar with this very own globe attract me. The unique point is that regardless of all the technologisation, individuals are positioned at the centre of the job. This mix of both individuals as well as digitality, plus a swiftly expanding business with an organization design that is one-of-a-kind in the pan-European market, this truly is enjoyable.

Just how do you categorize Estateguru’s service design? Just how will it create in the future?

The subjects of digitalization as well as rate in the growth as well as development of brand-new service versions as well as cutting-edge modern technology have actually contributed in Estonia for a lot longer than in our nation. The Baltic nation is as a result additionally much better electronically created. Versus the history of a smaller sized residential market, several Estonian business needed to broaden worldwide at an early stage. Estateguru’s service design has actually discovered a specific niche in the European market that fits the zeitgeist individuals are searching for: Quality as well as openness in loaning for debtors on the one hand, a significant financial investment instance for expert as well as personal financiers on the various other, as well as a fully grown system that allows fast as well as simple finance demands as well as financial investments. In the long-term, we intend to take advantage of the electronic prospective throughout Europe as well as create a indeterminate as well as electronic community genuine estate funding as well as financial investment. I anticipate the business to create very favorably in the future.

What has been your finest experience at Estateguru up until now?

My most satisfying experience at Estateguru has actually been the procedure we have actually experienced as a group over the last 4 months. We remain to expand with each other on a daily basis as well as regardless of– or perhaps as a result of– several histories of the specific staff members, we create a terrific group that has huge strategies with each other. With our active everyday regimen, we need to get over as well as reprioritize brand-new obstacles with each other on a daily basis as well as hence expand past ourselves. Our team-building occasion in Croatia just recently, where we performed adjustment monitoring workouts, was especially effective. That truly brought all of us also more detailed with each other.

What does a normal functioning day in a group resemble– if there is something?

Constantly various from what you anticipate. Each day has brand-new shocks in shop as well as, as I simply stated, that forms the means we collaborate. Each day, unanticipated jobs are occurring to make sure that we locate ourselves in an irreversible adjustment procedure. There is no such point as a normal functioning day. We have several consultations on a daily basis, yet no conferences for conferences. We constantly have a clear objective in mind. With a coffee in between, joint lunch breaks or suppers, we make certain that we take some time to routinely trade suggestions as well as additionally unwind with each other, as well as regardless of the everyday pressure, we constantly concentrate on the wellness of our staff members.

What tactical objectives have you established for Estateguru in Germany?

We intend to comprehend our clients, both financiers as well as debtors, also much better, win institutional financiers as well as remain to expand, yet not– as well as this is especially vital to me– at the expenditure of our customers. We are taking everybody with us on our trip as well as intend to create in the appropriate instructions with each other.

Explain your group in 3 words. What do you especially value concerning it?

110 percent dedication, commitment as well as a great deal of compassion. My group truly needs to have the ability to handle a great deal of adjustment. That’s what they all function as well as live for. My group manages the jobs really sensibly. My staff members value the liberty they have. Since it indicates we can count on each various other as well as everybody appreciates functioning with each other, I locate the high degree of count on we have actually developed up really important. Most of us have the very same vision in mind as well as go after the very same objective with each other on a daily basis.

As well as ultimately, a couple of words concerning you directly: What is your ideal equilibrium to function? As well as what was your initial individual financial investment?

My ideal equilibrium is time with my household. Since there I can simply switch over off as well as fail to remember the globe around me, I additionally such as to go kiting as well as cruising. Incidentally, my initial financial investment additionally offered me an 8 percent return, much like Estateguru provides for our financiers today. Just at that time it was still a conventional, high-interest cost savings bond.


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