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TransUnion ECOA Codes
A: Licensed customer of common account
C: Joint legal responsibility
I: Private represent single use client
M: Make up which topic is responsible yet co-signer has responsibility if the manufacturer defaults
P: Individual in common account which can not be differentiated as C or A
S: Make up which topic is co-signer and also comes to be responsible if manufacturer defaults
T: Partnership with account ended
U: Undesignated
X: Dead

TransUnion Day indication Codes
A: Automated
C: Shut
F: Repossessed/Written off/Collection
M: By hand icy
P: Paid
R: Reported
V: Confirmed

TransUnion Sponge (Present Way of Settlement) Codes
01: Pays as concurred
02: 30– 59 days past the due day
03: 60– 89 days past the due day
04: 90– 119 days past the due day
05: 120 days or even more past the due day
06: 150 days or even more past the due day
07: Paying or paid under Breadwinner Strategy or comparable plan
08: Foreclosure
8A: Volunteer foreclosure
8P: Paying or paid account with sponge 08
09: Billed off to uncollectable bill
9B: Collection account
9P: Paying or paid account with sponge 09 or 9B
UR: Unrated

TransUnion Sort of account Codes
O: Charge Account
R: Revolving or Alternative
I: Installation
M: Home Mortgage
C: Examine credit report (credit line)

TransUnion KOB (Type Of Organization Category) Codes
A: Automotive
B: Cost Savings and also financial institutions and also Funding Organizations
C: Clothes
D: Division, Selection and also Various Other Retail
E: Educational Organizations and also Work Solutions Firms
F: Financing, Personal
G: Grocery Stores
H: Furnishings
I: Insurance Coverage
J: Precious Jewelry, Cameras and also Computers
K: Service Providers
L: Lumber, Structure Product and also Equipment
M: Medical and also Related Health And Wellness
N: Bank Card and also Travel/Entertainment Firms
O: Oil Firms
P: Personal Solutions Apart From Medical
Q: Lending Institution and also Financing Firms Apart From Individual Financing Firms
R: Property and also Public Lodgings
S: Sporting Item
T: Ranch and also Yard Materials
U: Energies and also Gas
V: Federal Government
W: Wholesale
X: Advertising And Marketing
Y: Collection
Z: Miscellaneous

TransUnion Settlement Background Codes
OK: Present, paying or paid as concurred
N/R: Not Reported
X: Unidentified
30: Account one month late
60: Account 60 days late
90: Account 90 days late
120: Account 120 days late
150: Account 150 days late
180: Account 180 days late
COL: Moved to collection
VS: Willingly gave up
RPO: Foreclosure
C/O: Billed off by account service provider
FC: Repossession

TransUnion Feedbacks Codes
AAP: Funding presumed by an additional event
ACQ: Obtained from an additional lending institution
ACR: Account shut because of re-finance
ACT: Account shut because of move
AFR: Account obtained by RTC/FDIC
HELP: Account details challenged by customer
AJP: Modification pending
AMD: Energetic armed forces task
AS WELL AS: Impacted by all-natural catastrophe
BAL: Balloon settlement
BKL: Consisted of in insolvency
BKW: Personal bankruptcy taken out
CAD: Conflict account/closed by customer
CBC: Account nearby customer
CBD: Conflict resolved/consumer disagrees/closed by customer
CBG: Terminated by credit report grantor
CBL: Phase 7 insolvency
CBR: Phase 11 insolvency
CBT: Phase 12 insolvency
CLA: Put for collection
CLO: Shut
CLS: Credit limit put on hold
CRB: Security launched equilibrium owing
CTR: Account shut transfer to re-finance
CTS: Call customer
DDR: -none-
DLU: Action instead
DM: Personal bankruptcy rejected
DRC: Conflict resolved/consumer differs
DRG: Conflict solved reported by credit report grantor
EMERGENCY ROOM: Political election of treatment
ETB: Very early termination/balance owing
ETI: Very early discontinuation by default
ETO: Very early termination/obligation resolved
ETS: Very early termination/status pending
FCL: Repossession
FPD: Account paid, repossession began
FPI: Repossession launched
FRD: Repossession security offered
FTB: Complete termination/balance owing
FTO: Complete termination/obligation pleased
FEET: Complete termination/status pending
INA: Non-active account
INP: Financial obligation being paid with insurance policy
INS: Paid by insurance policy
IRB: Spontaneous repossession/balance owing
DISPLEASURE: Spontaneous foreclosure
IRO: Spontaneous repossession/obligation pleased
CONTAINER: Judgment provided
LA: Lease presumption
LMN: Lending Modified Not GOVT (federal government)
LNA: Credit limit is no more readily available
MCC: Handled by credit report therapy solution
MOV: No forwarding address
NIR: Trainee financing not in settlement
NPA: Currently paying
CHUM: Acquisition by an additional lending institution
PCL: Paid collection
PDD: Paid by supplier
PDE: Settlement postponed
PDI: Concept deferred/initial settlement just
PFC: Account paid from security
PLL: Prepaid lease
PLP: Earnings and also loss currently paying
PNR: Very first settlement never ever got
PPA: Paying deposit arrangement
PPD: Paid by co-maker
PPL: Paid earnings and also loss
PRD: Pay-roll reduction
PRL: Earnings and also loss write-off
PWG: Account settlement, wage garnish
REA: Reaffirmation of financial debt
ASSOCIATE: Substitute/replacement account
RFN: Re-financed
RPD: Paid foreclosure
RPO: Foreclosure
RRE: Foreclosure retrieved
RVN: Returned willingly
RVR: Returned voluntarily/redeemed
COLLECTION: Gone for much less than complete equilibrium
SGL: Federal government safeguarded ensured
SIL: Easy rate of interest financing
SLP: Trainee financing perm appoint federal government
SPL: Solitary settlement financing
STL: Charge card lost/stolen
TRF: Transfer
TRL: Moved to an additional lending institution
TTR: Moved to recuperation
WEP: Phase 13 insolvency


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